Monday, March 14, 2011

Stand-up paddleboarding offers killer core workout

Been meaning to try paddle boarding and finally got to do it thanks to my brother, Brian, getting me out on the water this past Sunday (see attached article for more on paddleboarding). I loved it - and based on what I heard and read I can confirm the potential core and leg workout. And hey Kate Hudson swears by it - not too shabby of a body on her. Even though I was only out on the water for about 20 minutes (I made it a little late to my bros rental time period), I got a good sense of the workout. What I liked most was that I can see that it has the potential to be beneficial across a spectrum of fitness levels and ages. It required less balance than I thought (although I am pretty balanced) and I think as long as you can swim you can do it (you can always wear a life jacket). And as I often preach nothing beats getting a workout or two outdoors during the week - especially in San Diego. You always get a sense of training your soul along with your body when you are outdoors. And assuming you don't have a ton of wave runners motoring by paddle boarding can be quite peaceful. I noticed most of the work in my feet, glutes and core (particularly my obliques). I highly recommend paddle boarding for outdoor fitness. The learning curve is quite small (compared to most board sports like surfing and wakeboarding) and I feel that it will be much better on your body and spine compared to kayaking. The seated posture of kayaking (and rowing) can add to the fact that we are on our butts too often anyways. The standing position is such a plus for your body's alignment. Definitely give it a try and feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Here is a good article on paddleboarding that I found:

Stand-up paddleboarding offers killer core workout

Here are two locations in San Diego to try out and rent paddle boards:
Mission Bay

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